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Photo Retouching Service

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Though the photographer may be extremely skilled and experienced, it is not possible to ensure that every photo taken is always perfect. In some cases, the lighting is not perfect while taking the photo. In other cases the photographer may have dropped the product, causing dents just before the scheduled photo shoot, and it was not possible to get a replacement immediately. Photo retouching services can help photographers get the high quality photo which they want. For example to improve the lighting, it possible to add texture and the natural colors can be enhanced. If models are used in the photo, their teeth can be whitened, skin made smoother and blemishes will be erased using beauty retouching to make the model look good.

Online retailers require attractive images for converting website visitors to buyers. Similarly professional photographers want high quality photos which will impress their clients. For all these applications photo retouching is a viable method to improve the photo quality. Professionals and businesses can save time, money, have photos delivered on time, when photo retouching is outsourced to us. Poor quality photo retouching without paying attention to details can damage the reputation and brand image of a business. We focus on providing excellent services for photo retouching, improving conversion rates, impressing our clients.


Our services are ideal for businesses and professionals who have a very hectic schedule, with no free time. We take pride in meeting all the deadlines our clients specify. We provide quotes to our customers fast, reply to customer queries quickly and deliver the retouched photos fast. Typically we provide a quote for every project enquiry we receive within 45 times or even less time.


Though our prices for clipping paths are some of the most affordable, we also ensure that the quality is maintained. We accept all types of orders, ranging from one photo to a batch of photos with thousands of images, and also try to match the customer’s budget.

Defining photo retouching

Some of the others terms used to describe Photo retouching are airbrushing, image retouching, Photoshopping or Photoshop retouching. During the process of photo retouching, the image file is manipulated, changing parameters, to clean and enhance it. Some of the improvements in the image are described below:

Removing dust, spots and scratches: During most photo shoots there are one or more problems and often the props, products used while taking the photos are damaged. So if the client has dents, scratches and other similar imperfections, he can send it to us for product retouching, so that we can make the item photographed look like new. Similarly if they are a few dust particles, blemishes or other spots in the photo shot, retouching the photo, will remove the blemish to make the photo look cleaner.

Wrinkles on garments: Every retailer selling clothes knows how wrinkles appear in the garments. Though the retailer may use multiple steamers and irons to remove the wrinkles, often a few wrinkles remain in the clothes while photographing them. The wrinkles in the clothes can be removed to make them look perfect using photo retouching, though the model has to move while shooting the photo.

Beauty airbrushing: Airbrushing to enhance beauty is used extensively for fashion photography. Using Photoshop or other similar software, the beauty of one or more models in the photo is enhanced by retouching the photo. The software allows the use to change the hair and eye color, make the skin appear smooth, whiten the teeth, enhance the surroundings and background and modify other features also.

Removing camera reflection: Though retouching is used to remove the blemishes in the models, this feature can be also used to make other items and aspects of the photo look better. While reviewing the photos, it is observed that there are some unexpected light spots, shadows, reflections, dust floating, scratches or similar problems in the photo. Image retouching can remove all these blemishes for a near perfect photo.

Applications of photo retouching

Some of the applications of photo retouching are;

  • Garment retailers who using models or mannequins for modeling the clothes, and the clothes have wrinkles which have to be removed, so that the clothes appear well ironed.
  • If the product in the photo is damaged slightly and the hole, crack or other flaw has to be erased.
  • The retailer or photographer wishes to include a new item in the image, which was not incorporated in the photo originally
  • When the models used in photo should visually match the aesthetics of the product or business brand
  • In a few cases, the reflection of the camera used for taking photos is visible in a water bowl, glass visible in the photos.


The procedure for using our Photo Retouching Service is as follows

  • Send us a request for a quote for retouching the images, specifying the quantity, service, email using the form provided
  • We will reply with a quote, usually within 45 minutes of receiving the request from the client
  • After the client accepts the offer, and sends the photos for retouching, we will start work
  • The retouched photos are then delivered to the client, sometimes within six hours of placing the order.

Photo retouching

Our team has more than three hundred well trained professionals specializing in photo retouching for clients worldwide. Our staff is available at all times of the day so that your order is executed quickly. We take great pride in paying attention to the smallest details, so that our clients get the best service. Each of the orders is manually executed without any software for better quality. We work closely with our clients so that they can get the desired quality of images to increase sales from the online store, or ensure that clients are happy for professional photographers.

We are aware that if the photo is over-editing even slightly, the entire image will be ruined. Hence we take the additional effort to ensure that the edits of the original photo are balanced to enhance the image, while ensuring that it remains realistic.

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