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Pattern Design Pattern Design
Pattern Design Pattern Design

Our Pattern illustrators see the potential to step and repeat, wherever they go. Whether peonies, pineapples, or plaid, their notebooks are ready to record anything that can be converted into pattern. We strive for the satisfaction of the demand by companies and individuals for vector patterns. A high level of professionalism is essential to us. The big advantage for our customers is a uniform quality standard of our repeat patterns. Each of our pattern designs is scalable without any loss in quality as well as seamless down to the smallest detail of a repeat pattern. The fulfillment of our high quality standards is granted by our sophisticated monitoring system. Our pattern illustrators see the endless possibilities of repeating a shape or form to create an overall impression or pattern. Our fascination towards the idea makes us confident that we will give you the best of Pattern Illustration.

Our patterns are seamless, recolorable, endlessly scalable, have excellent precision and multiple ways of production.

Inspiring Categories and Themes

Similar to an archive of fabrics it is our aim to catalog the patterns as well as to associate them with relevant themes and epochs. Our skilled team immediately recognizes if a seamless pattern, for example complies with characteristics of the Renaissance or Gothic period. There can be discovered vector designs on our website according to themes like Seasonal, Trends, Timeless, Animals, Shapes, Kiddies or Cultures. Each category includes a large number of theme galleries. It’s worth it to drop by and have a look!

Designer Briefings

Our editorial team is continuously looking for new design themes and trends. As soon as we have discovered a new and interesting theme, we prepare a briefing and send it to our Design Partners. Every time a briefing has been sent it is exciting to see how our Design Partners interpret it and turn the briefing into new vector designs.

Production Methods Oriented

As from the beginning, ideal processing possibilities have been the benchmark for our repeat patterns. Digital printing within large format printing has revolutionized various industries. Though, a content of fitting as well as scalable patterns was missing. Pattern Design closes this gap respectively provides seamless designs which absolutely assure a pin-sharp printing result. Moreover, our patterns can also be manufactured by other methods such as screen printing, weaving and laser cutting. Thanks to many assigned parameters, for example the number of colors, suitable pattern designs can be pre-selected. A purchased seamless design can be downloaded in various file formats. We continuously discover new applications for which we offer suitable solutions.

Aesthetically Elegant

Chevron, argyle, or paisley, the pattern illustrator envisions and draws patterns that appear on fabric, wallpaper, tile, and anything that requires decoration or ornamentation. Organic, flowing patterns are not outside the realm of the pattern illustrator’s design aesthetic. Our designs will be exactly that.

Tremendous Variety with Your Wish Fulfillment!

The pattern illustrator often calls upon historic references and nature to create novel designs. They consider the end result when creating a pattern. Large-scale applications such as wallpaper afford the pattern illustrator a chance to paint in greater detail; detail that would be lost on thank you notes or post-its. We will fulfill your wish accordingly.

Vibrant and Colorful

Gold, silver, copper, cream, pink, or purple, a pattern designer often creates a pattern in a range of colors so a customer can visualize a wallpaper’s silver heron motif next to a pair of charcoal grey drapes. Ours will be undoubtedly the most vibrant and colorful ones, all hats are off to our pattern illustrator’s endless supply of motifs whether nautical, botanical, geometric, chinoiserie, or bold stripes.

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