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Clipping Path Service

While shopping online, customers often use the photos to decide whether they wish to purchase the item, and they usually prefer a white background. Hence it is important to have accurate and perfect cut-outs of photos, clipping paths, paying attention to details so that the image created is realistic. The customer should not be able to detect that the image is edited; it should be realistic and impressive. The pen tool from Photoshop is used for hand drawing the cutout and clipping path for complete control, and clean edges for all the images. We can provide customized Clipping Path Service for each client, to meet their budget and delivery schedule.

Defining clipping path

Clipping path is also called deep etching, image clipping, closed vector shape or path, photo cutout is a professional cut-out of a photo in digital format. We manually outline the image, so that the picture can be removed from the background. This is similar to cutting an image or photo from a magazine or newspaper using a scissor. After applying the clipping path, everything inside is included. The main benefit of clipping is that the background can be adjusted. A white background is popular for selling products online, and other backgrounds can also be used.

Complexity and payment rates

Since the complexity of the clipping path work will vary, the charges will also differ. The different complexity levels for clipping paths are described below: Basic: It is the simplest and most inexpensive clipping path. It is mainly used for removing the background from solid items with only a few edges which are curved. It is mainly used for books, balls, canisters, framed art and smartphones

Simple: This is more complex and costs slight more than a basic clipping path since it takes slightly more time. This is used for objects which have more curves and edges, or items which have a hole in them. It is used remove the background from furniture, jewelry like necklaces, rings, mugs, vehicles or similar items. Medium: This service level is required when the background should be removed from an object whose edge is complicated. In this case, multiple clipping paths are used, and these are merged together for the final image. Due to the increased complexity, this will cost more than basic and simple services. It is suitable for background removal for items grouped together.

Complex: Objects with multiple holes, different transparency levels, or combined together require a complex clipping path. These clipping paths take more time, so they are far more expensive. This path is suitable for images with models, groupings, with hair, fur, netting, or other complex items

Multiple: For this additional paths are defined within the image, to reduce the effort of reshooting, if only shadow removal or color change is required. It is suitable for complex products or groups where color correction or changes are required.

Super complex: For some images, a large number of complexes, multiple clipping paths are used, and in some cases, a Clipping Mask will also be required. All this is very time consuming, so it is far more expensive. It is usually required for furry items, complicated jewelry, furniture with many cutouts, pets items.

Creating a clipping path in Photoshop

The clipping path is created manually drawing a path around the subject or item in the image, whose Image Background remove request has been received. Typically the pen tool in Photoshop is used, and there are multiple options in paths panel of Photoshop for isolating the path. In some cases, if the image is being used in a website, the background can be deleted permanently; the path can be reused in future. If other tools like InDesign or QuarkXPress are being used, the image may appear isolated only in these tools.

Potential Clipping Path or Deep Etching Service Users

The clipping path and related services can be used for a single image or a large number of photos. Professional photographers do not have the time for editing the large number of photos which they have taken. Similarly freelancers, agencies have a very busy schedule, so it is better to outsource the clipping path for images. Ecommerce retailers focus on sourcing products at a low cost, not on editing images. By outsourcing clipping paths to us, we do the tedious and stressful work, while meeting the delivery schedule, and budget specified.

Tips for using clipping path

Clipping path is used to remove any background of an object, to highlight and display the product properly. In some cases, if QuarkXPress or InDesign are used for making catalogs, the image background is hidden, without changing the file. It helps to change the image shape, select, edit a specific part. Multiple paths are used to choose specific areas, whose color may be corrected or changed. However, clipping paths should not be used for items with fuzzy, furry edges, hair like bears, or transparent items. For these subjects, advanced level image masking is recommended by experts. In this masking, multiple layers are used, and the pixels are made transparent.

Clipping path expertise

Customers worldwide have used the professional clipping path and other related services, provided by our well trained experienced graphic designers for many years. We specialize in using the pen tool in Photoshop since it is extremely precise. The images are usually magnified three times while the clipping path is drawn. This ensures that there are enough anchor points while drawing the path, retaining the real shape of the item. If the number of anchor points is too much or too less, the cut out may not be accurate or look realistic. Unlike other businesses providing similar services, the clipping paths used are not automated. We also do not widely used tools like Magic wand for path creation and selection quickly since we have observed that this will damage the brand and reputation of the client due to poor quality images. To get high quality clipping paths for your online store or any other requirement, please contact us using the form below, we will usually send a quote to your email id within 45 minutes.

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